23 Ideas On Sweater Layering

A layered look is awesome not only for its functionality but also for a creative appearance. In this article, I want to show you 23 awesome ideas on sweater layering. We all want to create a harmonious and well-combined outfit, but sometimes we end up looking trashy and disproportioned. The simplest way to create a layered look is to try on a neutral colored top or blouse and layer it under cozy cardigan or sweater. Complete it with a coat or jacket. Below are shown simple ways to create layered looks with sweaters. Take a close-up look and find your favorites.

1. Cable-knit sweater in dark purple color is layered over a white shirt and secured at the waist with a black leather skinny belt. Add black leather slim pants tucked in black leather slouchy boots, brown leather bag, and oversized black sunglasses.

2. The slim gray sweater looks preppy with white shirt’s collar popping out of its neck. Add floral flared skirt, spacious dark brown leather bag and cute black pumps embellished with bows.

3. Navy sweater will be an ideal match for wearing atop white shirt with a scalloped collar.

4. Some women love to wear bright clothes. A yellow sweater can be a perfect match to be layered over a white shirt with black polka dots.

5. How about layering sweater under fur vest? Add a lovely cable-knit pom-pom beanie and black aviator sunglasses.

6. A high-neck dark green sweater is another great match for wearing over gingham print shirt. Love the way shirt’s cuffs show up out of sweater’s sleeves.

7. 1/2 sleeve cream-gray sweater embroidered with sequins is layered over a white shirt. Complete this combo by adding beige trousers.

8. Gray sweater embellished with pom-poms is worn atop white shirt tucked in black leather skinnies. Add a cozy tartan scarf and cream blush pointed-toe heels.

9. Black sweater over white shirt is paired with tartan skinny trousers. Add black leather ankle boots and black leather shoulder bag.

10. Loose-fit gray sweater over white shirt printed in horses can be an ideal choice for creative events.

11. An off-shoulder long beige sweater looks fantastic atop black long-sleeve off-shoulder top. Add black leather leggings and platform leopard print heeled pumps. A skinny belt makes this sweater look like a dress.

12. A cream white sweater with a striped long-sleeve top tied around looks sophisticated. Add black skinnies and black suede ankle boots.

13. Yellow sweater atop white shirt can be used as an office look, add black slim trousers and classic pointed-toe black pumps.

How To Create A Layered Look With Cardigan

There is nothing hard in creating layered looks with cardigans. All you need is a comfy long or short cardigan worn atop casual top or a dress. The following street style ideas can be a perfect inspiration for you to try this year. I do like to see contrasting combinations, that’s why I recommend wearing a neutral colored cardigan with a printed top, either a printed knitwear atop solid color top.

14. Perforated light-red cardigan ideally suits this black-white tribal print strapless top tucked in high-waisted flared black skirt.

15. Long ribbed-knit dark blue cardigan perfectly matches rich blue long-sleeve top teamed with flared suede ankle-length pants. Add a fringed light brown suede clutch and lace-up platform Oxfords.

16. Hooded beige ribbed knit cardigan and gray dress can be a nice combo.

17. White cardigan in tribal print is layered over pastel green top paired with washed light blue skinnies tucked in slouchy gray cowboy boots. Add a chunky necklace and charcoal fedora hat.

18. Light gray cardigan over printed white V-neck shirt looks casual and relaxed.

19. Heavy cardigan sweater over casual tee tucked in khaki green pants is a nice combination for an everyday use.

20. An oversized fluffy gray cardigan is layered over a black long slip dress.

21. Cream-gray ribbed knit cardigan can be used as a jacket. Wear it over a striped dress. Add fringed peep-toe wedge ankle boots in black suede.

22. Multi-tribal print hooded cardigan will make any woman stand out from the crowd. Add black slim leather pants and platform lace-up ankle boots.

23. Gray-white draped cardigan in pink tribal print is layered over a white top.

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