30 Cute Outfits That Will Make You Want A Coat

This time I want to talk about outerwear. The following street style collection 2017 features great coats for women who want to underline their individuality. You are free to choose any coat, just make sure it suits your style and personality. I gathered amazing coats that can be used for different occasions, starting from work to fancy parties and formal events. Don’t be afraid to try something new, as you never know which one of these outerwear pieces can be your best friend.

You can either go for a military coat which can make you look and feel strong. I personally like this outerwear piece for that special look featuring metal buttons, double-breasted closure, hourglass silhouette and tailored fit. All you need is to choose the color and length, so it suits all your clothes. If you are more into classics, then I advice you to give a try to a stylish pea-coat or make a statement with a car coat. I do love car coats for their coverage and comfort. Why do I like it so much? The boxy silhouette makes it look edgy and sophisticated, that’s why it’s a must-have piece for anyone who wants to underline their personality. If you are more into modern styles, then you definitely should give a try to cream-beige coats with black leather sleeves. These outerwear pieces are perfect for making ladies look special and chic. Leather belted brown coats look awesome with denim flares, this combo is so seventies inspired! Women who want to underline their individuality can give a try to leather cape-coats. These outerwear pieces are ideal for evening events and special gatherings.