Belts, Bags And Other Accessories For Working Dresses

Dressing professionally is an important part of your career. In today’s article I want to show you work friendly accessories that can make your work dresses look great this 2017. Of course, lots of stuff depends on where you work, but the most office dress codes are the same. Get inspired by the key style guidelines and follow easy steps on how to accessorize your office dress.

A simple nude-white pencil frock can be complimented with a stunning diamond necklace, minimalistic golden bracelet and striped pumps.

This street style collection is made for ladies who are sick of office grays. This is a perfect time to find things that can easily upgrade your dress and make it look awesome! You can find here simple and effective accessories that can keep your dress fresh and professional. Even the most boring office frocks can be easily transformed with just a little help of a few accessories. Scroll down to see how your favorite bags, shoes and jewelry can easily update your dress.

A plaid tartan dress looks retro inspired, complete it with a pearl necklace, structured light brown leather handbag and color-blocking pumps:

This safari style wrap blazer-dress looks refined and classy completed with fringed necklace, tortoise sunglasses, metallic belt and leopard print pumps:

Even the simplest frock can look great at work. You will need a white dress, light brown leather pointed-toe pumps and eye-catchy necklace to finish this outfit:

Grey fitted pencil dress can be updated with tangerine heeled pumps:

By the way, you can always add a retro touch! Here we see a dark blue pencil dress covered with a cute dark blue cardigan. This combo can be updated with color-blocking bag and dark turquoise pointed-toe pumps:

Another way to make a fashion-statement is to try on cashmere purple dress with black tights and black leather booties:

Amal Clooney looks gorgeous in this pencil dress that consists of a black-white gingham top and pencil knee-length skirt. In love with black pumps and cherry red leather rounded bag:

A gorgeous pencil frock can be worn under structured grey blazer:

3/4 sleeve grey tweed pencil dress looks chic and professional. It’s complimented with black spacious handbag and black pointed-toe pumps: