Best Summer Scarves

Today I am going to show you new ways how to wear summer scarves and look awesome! This beautiful accessory can shaken up your everyday basics during 2017. If you are bored with all your old tank tops and blouses, then I highly recommend you to refresh it with an exciting printed or solid color scarf.

Leopard print scarf ideally suits this khaki olive jacket, denim shorts, khaki olive wide-brim hat and gum boots.

This is one of the simplest tricks to make your summer outfit look fresh and easy-to-wear. Craftily tied scarf can make any boring outfit look insanely hot and new. It’s always fun to mix up your look with a stylish printed fabric. You are about to see tried-and-true ways to wear your favorite scarf, as well as many creative updates, think of wearing it as a headband, belt or bracelet. This accessory can easily refresh your wardrobe, this is an ideal way to hide your bad hair, it is simple, cute and fun! Lookout for vintage scarves that are cheap, high quality and retro inspired. All in all this is one of the best accessories everyone is excited about! Go and get it!

Red scarf shown in this picture is used as a neck-scarf. Style it with a slouchy white sweater and midi front-buttoned denim skirt completed with white sneakers:

Here we see a black skinny long scarf worn with beige long-sleeve top and front-buttoned short blue denim skirt:

Double loop blue scarf ideally suits this dark blue blazer worn atop breton striped top teamed with washed blue jeans and flat pumps: