Bright and Chic Blazers: How To Underline Your Personality

Thanks to modern designer brands we can create incredible outfit ideas for 2017 by adding fancy blazers. In this compilation you can find all kinds of chic and embellished suit-jackets that can easily underline wearer’s personality and make her stand-out from the crowd. I am talking about sequined blazers, printed versions, pink tweed blazers, silvery draped must-tries, pastel versions, etc.

Blazers give a stunning look to its wearer, no matter how casual your outfit is, an embellished, bright colored or printed blazer will always make you look fresh and ladylike. You can try on seventies inspired look by teaming maroon velvet jumpsuit with black-white zebra print blazer, make things vibrant and chic by teaming gold sequined blazer with LBD, tribal print blue suit-jacket with a striped top, leopard print suit jacket with white blouse tucked in dark blue lace skirt, sparkly black blazer with black-white separates.