Easy Ways To Wear Socks With Different Shoes

This time I want to show you surprisingly awesome and easy ways how to wear socks with shoes in 2017. The following collection includes socks combos with combat boots, ankle boots with high platform, peep-toe sandals, Birks, heeled loafers, and sneakers. Socks is a perfect addition for spicing up your look. This is an awesome It girl guide. If you ever wanted to prolong your sandals life until mid-fall, then you definitely should give a try to socks by teaming them with your favorite sandals. This is not just a visual intrigue, it’s an element tat breathes new life into your favorite sandals. The following ideas give you all the reason to try socks plus shoe combination. Get inspired!

A cool hipster-inspired outfit. Khaki green jacket + black top + pleated black skirt + OTK black socks + combat boots in black leather.

Yellow sleeveless dress + OTK white socks + high-platform heeled ankle-boots:

Another day with hipster girl. Plaid print short-sleeve shirt + cuffed denim shorts + OTK black socks + peep-toe brown leather sandals:

White blouse + brown leather shorts + high blue socks + peep-toe heeled sandals:

Welcome to Normcore look! Cream-white sweater + slouchy white slim trousers + gray-white socks + Birkentsocks:

A touch of retro. Orange knitted slouchy beret + white top with perforated sleeves + high-waisted flared skirt + sexy OTK black socks + glossy black leather heeled loafers:

Printed snapback + khaki beige shirt + white T-dress + cream-gray scrunched socks + white lace-up slip-ons:

Gray-blue blazer + white top + matching color shorts + scrunched gray socks + New Balance sneakers:

Wide-brim light gray fedora hat + camel coat + white slip dress + white socks + black Birks: