How To Wear Crop Tops With Jeans

Looking for a way to underline your waistline? Go for crop-tops. This clothing staple bears the wearer’s waistline. It comes with different styles, starting from simple spaghetti strap cami tops and tees to cropped sweatshirts and turtlenecks. Now, if you are in search of cool ways to wear it this year, then I definitely recommend trying crop tops with something casual, like DENIM. This combination is perfect for casual weekends, day-offs and exploring new places. A crop top is considered to be a part of sports chic style, that’s why it became so popular in recent years. The following street style collection includes simple and easy to do outfit ideas completed with denim overalls, shorts, and jeans.

1. Layer a cropped long sleeve top under light colored denim overalls. Add a baseball cap and white sneakers for more sporty chic touch.

2. Pair it with high waist denim shorts, and cute black leather ankle boots for a perfect grunge look. In love with mirrored rounded sunglasses.

3. If you are in search of simple look, then you definitely should give a try to white crop T-shirt and ripped jeans combo. Update this casual style with stylish sunglasses and suede ankle boots:

4. You can also pair gray sleeveless crop top with high-rise washed blue denim shorts:

5. I personally don’t like to bare my stomach, so I recommend you to wear a black crop T-shirt under denim overalls completed with chic red ankle-strap heeled sandals:

6. Pair your crop top with high-waist jean shorts for a preppy festival inspired a look.

7. An adorable way to do denim overall shorts is to wear a crop top underneath. Two trends in one look, awesome!

8. A tie Dye crop top looks very 90’s inspired. Complete it with a cool black beanie and cuffed washed denim shorts:

9. Speaking of prints, why don’t you try an abstract floral print crop T-shirt with denim cut-offs.

10. A furry crop top sweater ideally matches these cropped jeans.

11. Another great way to try two trends in one outfit. A white ruffled crop top with spaghetti straps layered under denim shortalls. Love the cat-eye sunglasses.

12. A boxy crop top in beige color is a fantastic choice for wearing with high-waisted regular jeans.

13. A simple white crop top with red outlines looks appropriate for a daytime casual walks, just add high waist jeans and Birkenstocks:

14. Already a classic look. White crop tank top and denim overalls:

My Favorite Ways To Wear Crop Tops

Yes, I’ve got my personal favorite ways to wear crop tops. These outfit ideas are not completed with denim staples, but every style looks pretty cool and worth to try. I love to see how these women styling them in awesome ways. Read on to see something special.

The first one is quite simple combination where black crop-top is paired with high-waisted vintage palazzo pants in brocade print. A perfect style for casual day-offs on the town:

Layering in the Summertime? Why not! A light color suede crop-top ideally matches white high-low pencil dress:

The last, but not least is a combination of a simple black crop top with wide-neck and high-waisted tapered cuffed trousers in gray-white color. This simple outfit can be used for rooftop parties and casual gatherings. Make it more formal by adding black pumps: