How To Wear Sweater dresses With Your Favorite Accessories

If you are in search for something creative and cozy to wear this 2017, then I highly recommend to try on a sweater dress. It’s a highly versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in different ways, all depends on how you gonna style it.

It’s like wearing a preppy meets sexy garment. You can style this dress alone by adding glamour pair of heeled pumps, or make things look edgy with boots. You can also add tights if it’s cold outside. Speaking of layering, I highly recommend to layer this dress over leggings, no matter if they are opaque, metallic or shiny. Some sweater dresses are too short, that’s why you can treat them as a top. You can wear it with skinny jeans, woolen trousers or leather pants. By the way, most of sweater dresses look relaxed and loose-fit, that’s why you can add a belt. It can be either skinny or wide. I personally love double-buckle belts, as they create amazing hourglass figure. Don’t forget about layering, by adding final touches, like scarves, structured jackets, coats, cropped leather jackets and denim toppers.