Layered Looks With Shirts

Today we are going to talk about best ways how to master the layering look with your favorite shirts in 2017. There is nothing wrong in dressing like an onion. You can use both layering styles, including vertical and horizontal layering.

White shirt + off-shoulder charcoal knitted dress + black leather clutch + cat-eye sunglasses for oval shaped faces + high-boots in black color.

The vertical layering means you wear different layers opened so they create vertical lines. This option is ideal for women who want to create a slim effect look. The horizontal layering is when one of the layers is longer than the other one and it makes your outfit look a bit bulky. Layering is a huge trend and you can try different versatile elements to play with. I highly recommend to give a try to shirts. These essentials are ideal to bring you from this season right into the next. Get inspired and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

White coat + black bustier top + pastel-blue shirt + black slim slacks + black loafers:

Rounded black sunglasses for rounded shape faces + cream-white T-shirt + V-neck sleeveless shift-dress + bucket bag + wedge white sandals:

Black sunglasses for heart shape faces + printed long-sleeve crop-top + white shirt + black leather handbag + black skinny trousers:

Dark blue knit cropped short-sleeve sweater + chambray shirt + statement necklace + washed blue jeans:

Tortoise geometric shape sunglasses for long faces + white knit crop sweater + white shirt + jacquard print slim trousers + white pointed-toe flat pumps:

Charcoal knitted top + printed shirt + printed black leather skinnies:

Black sunnies for heart-shape faces + floral print crop top + cream-white silken blouse + black slacks + blush clutch + pointed-toe black pumps:

Aviator shades for heart-shaped faces + black-white Houndstooth print sweater + red down-vest + chambray shirt + dark blue skinnies + lace-up brown combat boots:

White T-shirt + emerald green pinafore leather dress + cream-gray cardigan:

Oversized black sunglasses for rounded faces + blush blouse + cream-gray sweater + black skinnies + folded green leather clutch + lace-up cream-camel flats:

Tortoise sunnies for triangle faces + maroon crop short sleeve top + white button-down + blue skinnies + pointed-toe heeled shoes:

White button-down + black tube top + ripped blue jeans:

Tortoise sunglasses for heart shape faces + high-neck gray knitted sweater + striped shirt + ripped skinnies + black leather structured handbag + gray heeled pumps: