Modern Skirtsuits For Work And Parties

I highly recommend investing in women’s skirt suit this 2017. A qualitative suit is a great attire for different occasions, starting from office hours to special church events, weddings and parties. Today’s article consists of amazing skirt suit outfit ideas.

White structured blazer is draped over relaxed white blouse which is tucked in a white tulip skirt. Love the shiny metallic clutch and golden arm-party.

You can look effortlessly elegant in a classic style, or make a glamor walk in an outfit which consists of a mismatched set or comes with a modern cut silhouette. Sure, skirt suit looks much more feminine than a pantsuit, but still, it has some kind of edginess and sophistication. I think we should have a look at some of the best skirt suit designs you can try this year.

All in cream white. Peplum tailored jacket with a skinny belt + short skirt + folded clutch + beige ankle-strap pumps:

Tortoise oversized sunglasses + navy blazer with black lapels + navy tee + wrap black leather skirt + navy leather handbag + black suede ankle-boots embellished with chains:

Gray skirtsuit in slim-cut + black top + black leather shoulder bag + black leather gloves:

Turquoise skirtsuit in slim-cut + black shirt + layered pearl necklace + aviator sunglasses + spacious black leather handbag:

Pink-white tweed skirt-suit + oversized cat-eye sunglasses + dangling earrings + perforated cream-white pointed-toe pumps + cream-brown leather handbag:

Modern style black sunglasses + tuxedo cropped blazer + white blouse + high-waisted flared mini skirt + cream-white duffel handbag:

Pinstripe gray pencil skirtsuit + black lace cami blouse: