Must-Have Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

I’d like to talk about women’s jewelry must-haves that every woman should own this 2017. If you do want to look feminine, then owning fancy and stylish jewelry is a must. In today’s article I want to draw your attention to sparkling essentials you all can have in your jewelry box. The following collection includes simple, edgy and complicated jewelry items that can easily make you stand out from the crowd. I am talking about stacked bracelets, creative arm-parties, necklaces, earrings and body chains. All in all, every girl needs some sparkle in her life! Take a moment and have a look at some of my favorite jewelry designs you can easily copy this year:

A marvelous look for ladies who want to underline their individuality. We see an embellished jacket completed with a cute bejeweled crown.

Keep it boho inspired! Go for a maxi frock and complete it with cute bracelets and statement earrings:

Update your beautiful black leather quilted bag with an eye-catching spider brooch:

Incredible black-gold bangle bracelet looks incredible with stacked rings:

Body chain looks sexy with this white dress:

This body chain is a perfect choice for Coachella music festivals:

Another body chain dainty design looks impressive with this white slouchy dress:

Bohemian style jewelry looks awesome and easy to style. Try on head jewelry, creative rings and bracelets:

In love with all these boho style arm-parties and rings:

Update your black shift with colorful western jewelry:

An edgy look is always in! Go for this chunky gold necklace:

A floral halo looks boho inspired:

Gold and silver is always in. In love with these bracelets and rings:

Mix up your look with different material jewelry, like gold and silver. In love with this arm party:

Layered necklace is always in, trust me, it looks awesome with simple shirts and dresses, like white top or LWD:

This diamond ring looks insanely individual and unique:

You are gonna be wowed to wear this chunky bracelets:

Tasseled jewelry in colorful stones and metals looks awesome on this boho dress:

Another great collection of bracelets updated with turquoise stones:

Going somewhere abroad? Make it fresh, cool and bright with these stacked bracelets:

In search of vintage jewelry? How about keeping things retro inspired by wearing layered pearl necklaces:

A vintage locket in gold can be a perfect addition to this boho style outfit: