Suede Trend: Best Outfit Ideas

Suede is going to boost your outfits in 2017! This trend is upon us and this post gonna tell you how to wear it in real life. Suede is the fabric of this moment and it is seen everywhere, starting from footwear to dresses, shorts, skirts and coats. I personally think of seventies vibe when I see suede fabric items, but you can make it look modern and trendy by going wild with minis, suede flares, fringed suede jackets or suede shorts completed with chunky cable knitwear or sexy chiffon blouse.

Camel fedora hat + slouchy dark brown suede cardi-jacket + black top + black slim tailored pants + black leather spacious clutch bag + vintage brown leather loafers with tassels.

Suede has luxe feel and it really adds a kind of richness to your outfit. It’s very easy to style when you pair it with seasonally appropriate staples. Frankly speaking, when I hear suede I automatically imagine footwear, like OTK boots or ankle boots. These shoes are comfy and ideally match almost every outfit you wear in your daily life. Anyway, Let’s get down to the business and see all the awesome ways how to make suede work for you.

Crispy white tailored coat draped over black blazer + printed mini skirt + black leather spacious tote bag + OTK black suede stiletto boots:

Cream beige slouchy suede coat + white T-shirt + black shorts + black leather shoulder bag + white backless slip-ons:

Camel fedora hat + suede green biker jacket + light orange short dress + low block-heeled snake-skin printed shoes:

Cream-gray loose-fit sweater-dress with relaxed sleeves + slouchy suede cream-white thigh-high boots + shoulder black leather bag with chain strap:

Cool rounded sunglasses + suede brown poncho embellished with fringes + black flared pants + vintage style black leather handbag + platform heeled peep-toe sandals:

Oversized black sunglasses for oval faces + black coat wit hfur collar + black top + black skinnies + suede gray OTK boots:

Navy-blue fedora hat + khaki green jacket + cream-white blouse + gray-blue skinny jeans + burgundy-brown slouchy handbag + gray-beige suede ankle-boots:

Suede coat + burnt orange lightweight dress + black leather shoulder bag + knee-length slouchy black suede boots:

Wide-brim black hat + shearling asymmetric coat + airy white boho style maxi dress with side slits + black leather shoulder bag + lace-up combat boots:

Suede biker shortened jacket in gray-beige + matching color slim crop-top with side cut-outs + high-waisted dark blue tailored pants:

V-neck knitted top in white color tucked in front-buttoned beige suede mini A-line skirt + fringed suede black shoulder bag + knee-length flat boots in black suede:

Slouchy dark green suede shirt + white skinnies + translucent yellow clutch:

Cool white marble print shades + fuchsia suede tank top + white trousers + pink leather clutch:

Oversized black sunglasses + slouchy gray wool sweater half-tucked in brown suede asymmetric cut skirt + beige-gray slouchy flat boots + animal printed clutch: