Summer Must-Haves

I’d like to show you my favorite Summer must-haves for women who want to go glam this hot season. These outfit ideas will carry you through all summer season months this 2017. I gathered must-haves for every budget, so you better be ready to add some new pieces to your wardrobe.

 Summer Must-Haves 2019

Beyonce knows how to look great no matter where she goes! We see her in cool blue-white sunnies, off-shoulder white peasant crop top teamed with lemon yellow print high-waisted pencil skirt.

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Must-Try Rings

This year is full of worth to try fashion trends. I’ve got amazing rings styles collection you absolutely must-try this 2017. If you think there is nothing to make you say ‘wow I want it’, then you didn’t see these rings designs and masterful ways how to wear them in real life. You are going to see matching bracelet and rings sets, diamond ring sets, exclusive designs in flower shapes, cool boho inspired sets, classic gold sets, as well as many other eye-catching creations.

 Must-Try Rings 2019

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Sexy Crop Tops

So, you finally decided to give a try to crop tops? In today’s blog post I am going to show you my favorite crop tops and how to wear them in 2017. These trendy staples are here to stay, as they are versatile and can look good on anyone. There are lots of different kinds of crop tops you wear, starting from casual, sheer styles and the ones made of light knits to creative must-tries that are so must-try for night outs.

 Sexy Crop Tops 2019

You can glam it up with a glossy black leather skirt. Just add multicolored tribal print crop top with sheer detailing.

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Boho Inspired Necklaces And Jewelry For Ears

The boho trend is always in! Today’s blog post is dedicated to my favorite boho inspired necklaces and jewelry for ears. We gonna explore pretty awesome ways how to wear boho style jewelry this 2017. These ideas will bring you some inspiration, just make sure to see them all by scrolling down your mouse.

 Boho Inspired Necklaces And Jewelry For Ears 2019

Ear cuffs look outstanding with this headband embellished with stars. In love with rings set.

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Best Ways How To Wear Kimonos

You can make a wow impression, all you need is a kimono! In today’s post I want to show you incredibly chic ways how to wear kimono this 2017. You are about to see all kinds of kimono styles, including neutral colored versions for everyday use, as well as boho inspired printed must-tries embellished with fringes and other eye-catching details. I personally find this beautiful layering piece to be very romantic and versatile.

 Best Ways How To Wear Kimonos 2019

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What Denim To Choose: Jeans Trend Forecast

You can have so much fun with denim this 2017, as I am here to show you jeans trend forecast with cool street style images. Every woman needs to invest in a good pair of jeans. I personally recommend to have different jeans styles in your closet, meaning chic varieties of skinny jeans, wide-leg denim pants, boyfriends and cropped styles.

 What Denim To Choose: Jeans Trend Forecast 2019

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What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

It’s time to draw your attention to my favorite bell-bottom jeans and show you what kind of shoes to wear with flares. The 1970’s revival is massive right now and you better look for trending outfit ideas that can be copied this 2017. You are lucky one, as I gathered the most popular combinations you can try on this season. Speaking of shoes, these denim bottoms don’t make for the easiest shoe pairings. I will show you best shoe types you can wear with flares. Hope these ideas will help you look ladylike and special. Scroll down to find out more.

 What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans 2019

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How To Accessorize Striped Dresses And Make Them Look Awesome

If you are in search for a perfect striped street style look, I recommend to give a try to simple and sophisticated striped dresses. In 2017 we see lots of great designs, you can choose from classic black-and-white striped versions to multistriped designs. You are free to dress them up or down, by adding classic accessories or glamour updates. Scroll down to see incredible outfit ideas with striped dresses.

 How To Accessorize Striped Dresses And Make Them Look Awesome 2019

A classic black-white striped dress looks elegant and simple. Complete this frock by adding a black structured coat with fur collar.

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What Can You Wear Under And Over Sheer Dresses

It’s always fun to experiment with style. In today’s article I want to draw your attention to my favorite sheer dresses. You are about to find out how to actually wear under and over this beautiful frock in 2017. Lots of women have experienced situations, when ordered dresses appeared to be see-through upon their arrival. You either sent it back or put it down somewhere deep in your closet. Anyway, I am here to show you best ways how to make sheer dress your favorite choice.

 What Can You Wear Under And Over Sheer Dresses 2019

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