How To Wear Cardigans For Women

Nobody likes cold weather, that’s why my topic for today is the best ways how to wear cardigans for women to stay ladylike and feel comfort. Why do we love it so much? First of all, most of the cardigans come in simple designs and preppy styles that serve as perfect layering pieces. In today’s blog post I want o show you my favorite ways how to make this knitwear work great from office to the weekend and date nights.

 How To Wear Cardigans For Women 2019

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23 Ideas On Sweater Layering

A layered look is awesome not only for its functionality but also for a creative appearance. In this article, I want to show you 23 awesome ideas on sweater layering. We all want to create a harmonious and well-combined outfit, but sometimes we end up looking trashy and disproportioned. The simplest way to create a layered look is to try on a neutral colored top or blouse and layer it under cozy cardigan or sweater. Complete it with a coat or jacket. Below are shown simple ways to create layered looks with sweaters. Take a close-up look and find your favorites.

 23 Ideas On Sweater Layering 2019

1. Cable-knit sweater in dark purple color is layered over a white shirt and secured at the waist with a black leather skinny belt. Add black leather slim pants tucked in black leather slouchy boots, brown leather bag, and oversized black sunglasses.

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Show Off Your Style: How To Wear Geek Chic And Preppy Outfits

It’s time to try something new and show-off your true style! Today’s article is dedicated to preppy and geek outfit ideas that are so must-try in 2017. The new prep and geek is all about underlining your uniqueness and showing it to the masses. Trust me, there is nothing hard incorporating prep details into everyday looks.

 Show Off Your Style: How To Wear Geek Chic And Preppy Outfits 2019

Ribbed knit buttoned cardigan in pastel blue can be worn atop maxi prom gown. An ideal look for showing your preppy style at special occasions. This combo reminds me of Cinderella outfit.

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What Tops And Shoes To Wear With Black Pants

Say hello to black pants, as I am here to share with you some of the best and unexpected ways how to wear these black trousers in real life during 2017. There are lots of awesome ideas to choose from, as you can go all black, use neutal tops, or keep things bright colored on top or adding colorful accessories.

 What Tops And Shoes To Wear With Black Pants 2019

These mid-rise slacks look pretty chic with open back top.

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Business Casual Outfit Ideas For Real Women

Business casual office look is always fun! In today’s blog post I want to share with you incredible office style outfit ideas you can easily copy this 2017. As you can see from the images below, every combination is very unique and can be complimented with all kinds of accessories. I am pretty sure there will be no problem for you to find an outfit that can easily show off your personality and keep you away from being boring.

 Business Casual Outfit Ideas For Real Women 2019

Dark blue shorts suit looks sophisticated and easy to style. Complete this look by adding black top and dressy peep-toe heeled sandals.

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How To Layer Clothes In The Summertime

Summer layering is a great way to underline your individuality, as well as be prepared for unexpected windy weather. In today’s article we are going to see how to layer clothes in the summertime and make clothes look awesome on you.

 How To Layer Clothes In The Summertime 2019

Washed blue denim vest looks ideal atop gray sleeveless top tucked in whit ripped skinnies.

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What’s Trending In Knitwear Fashion

The following street style collection comes with trendy knitwear that can easily make you stand-out from the crowd this 2017. I am talking about sweaters, knitted dresses and functional accessories, like scarves and beanies.

 What's Trending In Knitwear Fashion 2019

A perfect dark green turtleneck sweater-dress with long sleeves and relaxed fit can be styled with maroon leather boots and structured bag.

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