Leather Shorts For Women: Outfit Ideas

If you want to rock the streets of your city, then I recommend trying on leather shorts this 2017. Any kind of leather clothing can totally change women’s outfit. Yes, this fabric definitely makes a statement, that’s why I love to see women wearing leather shorts combined with casual and dressy tops and outerwear. These bottoms can amp your style up a lot!

Fuchsia leather shorts + light orange long-sleeve tight top + light green doctor’s bag + fuchsia pumps:

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Can You Wear Shorts In The Winter

Yes, you can wear shorts in the Winter and today I bring you awesome outfit ideas you can copy this 2017. Why don’t you prolong Sprint and Summer season by choosing one of these awesome Winter shorts outfit ideas?

Printed black shorts + white sweater + miniature beige leather bag with chain holder + black OTK socks + multi-buckled black leather ankle boots.

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What Do Women Wear With Mule Shoes

I remember when mules were considered to be footwear for old people only, but fashion always surprises us! In today’s story we are going to talk about the comeback of these trendy shoes that are so must-have in 2017. The open back look makes this footwear extremely comfortable. I personally love the ones with block heels, it gives mules a chic and trendy update. Anyway, we are here to see amazing outfits to wear with mule shoes, I gathered eye-catching street style ideas to get inspired by. Scroll down to find out more.

Black peep-toe mules with see-through plastic heels + ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans + light blue shirt with cuffed sleeves + black leather clutch bag.

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Layered Looks With Shirts

Today we are going to talk about best ways how to master the layering look with your favorite shirts in 2017. There is nothing wrong in dressing like an onion. You can use both layering styles, including vertical and horizontal layering.

White shirt + off-shoulder charcoal knitted dress + black leather clutch + cat-eye sunglasses for oval shaped faces + high-boots in black color.

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Retro Looks For Cocktail Parties And Special Occasions

If you are thinking of adding a vintage item to your wardrobe, then you better jazz things up by selecting something special. I want you to take a look through my favorite 2017 retro looks for cocktail parties and special occasions. Every single piece is incredibly unique and can easily stand-out from the crowd. Of course, if you are not used to vintage clothing it can be a challenge to find an appropriate fit, length and style.

We have seen gorgeous dresses in American Hustle movie. I like the black leather-like dress with deep cleavage, sexy lightweight blouse with deep V-neck tucked in wrap suede beige asymmetric skirt and wrap dresses.

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Best Winter Street Fashion

It’s always fun to get inspired by statement street looks. This time we are going to see best Winter street style looks for 2017. Every single piece in this collection smells Wintry! Sweaters, scarves, beanies and trendy outerwear, all these winter pieces look effortlessly chic and fresh. I love to see fresh ways how to make colder months your best time of year.

White military style coat with statement buttons + white jumpsuit + heeled white sandals + white leather rucksack.

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Sexy Thigh High Boots

Forget about all these Pretty Woman clich├ęs, as we are going to see sexy thigh-high boots and how to wear them in real life. This footwear can easily brighten up almost any outfit and this 2017 is no exception! Indeed, these sexy boots can dress up the most boring staple you are about to wear. I think every woman asks herself, how to wear thigh high boots without looking trashy. Of course, the line between sexy and trashy is quite thin, but everything is possible! All you need is scroll down to find out more.

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Improve Your Style With Leather Pants: Best Ways How To Wear Them

Today’s blog post is dedicated to leather pants. I want to draw your attention to my favorite ways how to improve your style with leather pants during 2017. You are going to see best ways how to wear them in real life by teaming with blazers, leather jackets, shirts and casual tees. Trust me, there is nothing hard making leather pants your favorite clothing staple! Below are showcased my favorite outfit ideas completed with leather pants. Scroll down to find your favorites.

Purple peplum ribbed knit top ideally suits these chic black leather skinny pants tucked in lace-up black booties.

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Office Trends: How To Wear Jeans To Work And Look Professional

Today’s question is how to wear jeans at work. Pretty simple, right? In today’s article we are going to see all kinds of jeans styles that are office hours friendly. You can find lots of great ideas on how to make jeans to become your favorite bottoms during office hours. This 2017 comes with lots of cool combos.

We see a black blazer teamed with striped shirt tucked in dark blue bootcut jeans.

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Slim Jeans Look Great With Following Tops And Jackets

Every woman wants to wear something special, that’s why I decided to share with you incredible slim jeans looks that are completed with all kinds of tops and jackets. The following street style collection is full of inspiring clothing combinations you all can give a try this 2017. Nowadays, every lady has at least one pair of slim jeans in her closet.

Khaki green blazer ideally matches these dark blue slim jeans tucked in slouchy black leather boots.

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