Trendy Sandals To Try This Summer

Summer is almost here and we need to find amazingly awesome sandals that will replace your heavy Winter boots. It’s always fun to wear something flirty and fun, that’s why I gathered my favorite sandals outfit ideas you all can try in 2017. Every single pair of shoes shown in this collection provides cute look, comfort and amazing fit. Yes, you are free to choose the heel size that fits your style and daily activities.

Evening purple romper + chunky necklace + envelope bright blue clutch + heeled sandals in blue color.

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What Sandals You Should Wear This Summer

The following collection consists of chic pairs of sandals you can actually wear all Summer season long. This footwear style options are endless, all you need is to choose the ones that can easily harmonize your outfit. Believe me, this 2017 is gonna be full of interesting outfit ideas.

Cream-gray knitted cardigan + Abstract print blouse + fun printed skirt + pink folded clutch + strappy shiny silver metallic heeled sandals.

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Best Looks To Create With Track pants And Sweatpants

If there is one comfortable style of trousers you can try in 2017, then it’s sweatpants. In today’s blog post you are about to see awesome ways how to style track pants and sweatpants this year. Lots of fashion trends come and go, but one pair of trousers will never go anywhere. The casual, athletic inspired look can be a perfect choice for ladies who want to achieve a smart-casual look. Trust me, these bottoms look chic paired with almost everything.

Dark green silken sweatpants look sophisticated and easy to style. Try them on with dark blue silken slip-tank and black blazer. Complete this look by adding black heeled sandals.

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Flares, Harem And Palazzo Pants You Can Wear Right Now

This time we are going to see some of the best ways how to wear flared, harem and palazzo pants in 2017. The flared pants are still popular this year, so why don’t you try them on! The seventies style came back with great vengeance, offering us cool vintage inspired trousers completed with modern twist touches.

Sheer black top can be tucked in bright yellow palazzo pants. Complete this outfit by adding black blazer.

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What Shoes And Tops You Can Wear With Floral Pants

This time I want to show you my favorite shoes and tops you can wear with floral pants this 2017. This print is not going anywhere, you can find it on everything starting from trousers, tops, to coats and accessories. In this street style collection you are about to see women wearing bright and dark florals. It can look sweet, childish, dressed-up or sophisticated. Thanks to these images, there will be no problem for you to style these bottoms in many trendy ways. Get inspired!

Gray slouchy T-shirt looks pretty chic teamed with floral print skinnies complimented with heeled floral pumps.

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What Will Make White Jeans Look Awesome On You

I do recommend you to give a try to white jeans this 2017. In today’s blog post I want to show you best street style images of women wearing white jeans. You are about to see great style tips on what will make these denim bottoms look awesome on you. You are about to discover fresh and pretty clothing combinations. It’s time to give your darker denim a break by wearing one of these cool combinations, as white jeans will brighten up your personality.

Sleeveless blue blouse ideally suits these white low-rise skinnies completed with peep-toe heeled sandals.

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What Denim To Choose: Jeans Trend Forecast

You can have so much fun with denim this 2017, as I am here to show you jeans trend forecast with cool street style images. Every woman needs to invest in a good pair of jeans. I personally recommend to have different jeans styles in your closet, meaning chic varieties of skinny jeans, wide-leg denim pants, boyfriends and cropped styles.

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What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

It’s time to draw your attention to my favorite bell-bottom jeans and show you what kind of shoes to wear with flares. The 1970’s revival is massive right now and you better look for trending outfit ideas that can be copied this 2017. You are lucky one, as I gathered the most popular combinations you can try on this season. Speaking of shoes, these denim bottoms don’t make for the easiest shoe pairings. I will show you best shoe types you can wear with flares. Hope these ideas will help you look ladylike and special. Scroll down to find out more.

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Dresses With Sandals: Simple Ways To Wear And Style

In this post I want to show you this 2017 best street style images of real ladies wearing amazing sandals with dresses. You gonna see fabulous outfit ideas that are easy to copy this year. I am talking about all kinds of trendy dresses including maxi gowns, chambray shirt-dresses, floral print sundresses, tie-dye maxis styled with heeled and flat sandals. Anyway, let’s learn which styles of sandals are appropriate for different dresses.

Nude crochet frock is a perfect choice for teaming with cue thong sandals.

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