Striped Clothes Trend Report

Today’s story is about stripes print and creative ways to wear them in real life. You gonna learn best tips and ideas on how to wear your stripes paired with awesome clothing combinations that are so must-try in 2017. I hear lots of women are afraid of wearing this print, as they think horizontal stripes can make them look fat.

 Striped Clothes Trend Report 2020

Abstract print T-shirt + black-white striped pencil skirt + black leather envelope clutch + caged peep-toe sandals.

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Statement Skirts For Special Events

Let’s talk about women who want to stand out. A statement skirt is a must-have clothing staple that should be in every lady’s closet, so they can easily pick it out for any occasion. There is a perfect style for everyone to try in 2017. The available choices in styles, fabrics, prints and colors are endless.

 Statement Skirts For Special Events 2020

Black oversized sunglasses + sheer-striped rich blue skirt + statement midi pencil skirt big sequins + white ankle-strap white heeled pumps.

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How To Dress Up Pencil Skirts

If you decided to wear pencil skirts for a cocktail party or semi-formal event, then you are free to show off your sex appeal. This 2017 is full of great combinations you can easily give a try. I want to show you fun and glamor ways to wear pencil skirts, that’s why you are about to see here crop tops, bright printed tees, dressy shirts, pastel blouses, as well as basic tees. For after-work parties you definitely should add some glamor touches, that’s why sparkles, jewelry, and pumps are very welcomed!

 How To Dress Up Pencil Skirts 2020

Oversized black sunglasses for heart-shaped faces + white pearl necklace + multi-striped sleeveless top + black pencil skirt + colorful arm-party + classic black heeled pumps.

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Office Style Skirts You Can Actually Wear Anywhere

Office look can be a challenge for some women, but in today’s article, I want to show you easy ways how to wear fabulous skirts and look professional this 2017. A great work look should incorporate skirts that are conservative and ladylike, as well as can be easily transformed into glamor fashion staples to be used on special occasions. Of course, everything depends on your office environment and dress code. You can go for a short skirt if your office allows wearing more relaxed outfits. The following street style ideas include polished, professional-looking and a bit flirty combinations that can be used from office to evening events with one simple top change.

 Office Style Skirts You Can Actually Wear Anywhere 2020

Pastel blue lace blouse tucked in a high-waisted knee-length pencil skirt in matching pastel blue color + big sunglasses for oval faces + white clutch + white pumps.

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High Waisted Skirts And Tops Street Style Ideas

It’s time to give a try to a high waisted skirt! This trend is incredibly popular this 2017 and it’s proven to be extremely versatile, as you can easily dress it up and down! Before figuring out how to style high waisted skirt you should pick out your style.

 High Waisted Skirts And Tops Street Style Ideas 2020

Burgundy plunging V-neck top + high-waisted black leather midi pencil skirt + glossy burgundy pumps + black leather clutch bag.

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Full Skirts For Special And Everyday Wear

A full skirt is an ultra girly piece of clothing that shows your ladylike side and can easily make you stand out from the crowd. It’s no wonder why these bottom pieces are so much popular in 2017 then never before. If you decided to give this skirt a try, then you definitely should know how to wear it this season. The most of them come with a flattering silhouette that can be dressed up or down. Sure, choosing the right length for you can make all the difference. I recommend choosing a skirt that finishes at the slimmest part of your leg. Such length is usually above or below the knee. Too long full skirts can overwhelm your figure and make you look bulky. You will need to embrace your feminine silhouette by giving a try to this elegant bottom piece that features a wonderful contour

 Full Skirts For Special And Everyday Wear 2020

Black-white striped crop T-shirt + full dark red skirt + black leather ankle boots.

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What Shirts To Wear With Floral Print Skirts

If you want to know how to make floral skirts look awesome in 2017, then you definitely should take look at these street style images. It will be easier for you to recreate these looks in real life. We are going to see fabulous combinations, where women appear in different tops paired with fresh and summery cool floral print skirts. I think there is no need to remind you about the real power of floral print. Florals can be used in the summertime, as well as during cold Winter months. Here are style tips on how to wear this trend on the streets. Get inspired NOW!

 What Shirts To Wear With Floral Print Skirts 2020

Black high-neck crop top with spaghetti straps + high-waisted bright floral print midi skirt.

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Can Women Wear Shorts To Formal Occasions

There are lots of different ways you can wear shorts, but would you wear shorts to a formal occasion this 2017? You can find lots of awesome formal shorts this year. They come in special cuts, colors, and fits. It’s okay to wear shorts to formal events, but they should be matched with dressy tops suitable for the occasions. The following collection includes chic combos you can wear to different formal events. I personally love to see women who update their shorts and blouses with structured blazers. Anyway, let’s have a more detailed look at these ideas.

 Can Women Wear Shorts To Formal Occasions 2020

In love with this matching set. Sleeveless marsala top + chunky necklace + marsala shorts + black leather shoulder bag + ankle-cuff blue heeled sandals.

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White Shirts Styling Tips

White Tops are seen everywhere this season and it’s no wonder why stylists say it’s a perfect choice for 2017. In today’s blog post I am going to show you white button-down shirts and T-shirts outfit ideas you can easily mix and match with your everyday clothing. Why? It’s classic, versatile, simple and can be paired with vintage jeans or modern skirt, in other words saying, there are no wrong way to work the staple into your wardrobe. Get inspired by the following outfit ideas and let me know what you think about wearing this top in your everyday life.

 White Shirts Styling Tips 2020

Black sunglasses for oval faces + white tweed blazer + crispy white button-down shirt + metallic bracelet + black-white printed ankle-length pants + bright yellow clutch + peep-toe sandals.

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What Sandals You Should Wear This Summer

The following collection consists of chic pairs of sandals you can actually wear all Summer season long. This footwear style options are endless, all you need is to choose the ones that can easily harmonize your outfit. Believe me, this 2017 is gonna be full of interesting outfit ideas.

 What Sandals You Should Wear This Summer 2020

Cream-gray knitted cardigan + Abstract print blouse + fun printed skirt + pink folded clutch + strappy shiny silver metallic heeled sandals.

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