How To Wear Crop Tops With Jeans

Looking for a way to underline your waistline? Go for crop-tops. This clothing staple bears the wearer’s waistline. It comes with different styles, starting from simple spaghetti strap cami tops and tees to cropped sweatshirts and turtlenecks. Now, if you are in search of cool ways to wear it this year, then I definitely recommend trying crop tops with something casual, like DENIM. This combination is perfect for casual weekends, day-offs and exploring new places. A crop top is considered to be a part of sports chic style, that’s why it became so popular in recent years. The following street style collection includes simple and easy to do outfit ideas completed with denim overalls, shorts, and jeans.

1. Layer a cropped long sleeve top under light colored denim overalls. Add a baseball cap and white sneakers for more sporty chic touch.

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Overalls Trend: How To Wear Them Without Looking Like A Farmer

Today’s blog post is dedicated to awesome ways how to wear overalls without looking like a farmer. You are about to see hot street style images of women who appear in trendy denim shotralls, denim overalls, boho inspired tie-dye designs, dressy styles made of various fabrics, like cotton, corduroy, silk and crochet. It’s no wonder why 2017 is full of these cool one-piece outfits, they are comfy, stylish and ideally suit almost every body shape.

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Are Denim Overalls In Style This Year

It’s time to try something cool and trendy! In today’s article I want to show you seriously cool denim overalls that are going to be in style this 2017 year. You might think this style is already forgotten, but trust me, denim overalls are officially back and I am here to share with you impressive ideas on how to wear them now. Let your outfit be a topic of hot debate, check out these trendy street style images.

If you are not into classic overalls, then I recommend to try on these cool shortalls! They look sweet, girlish and versatile. Try these with a lovely cream-pink jacket, beige lace-up platform booties and complete this look by adding a statement black bow headband.

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