Classic And Modern Button-Downs

Let’s be honest, button-down shirts are important staples, no matter if you got used for professional or casual style outfits. These tops were made to look professional and chic. Today I bring you a stunning collection of best ways how to style these tops in 2017.

Crispy white shirt + mid-rise ankle-length washed blue jeans + black clutch + leopard print pointed-toe mid-heel pumps.

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Dressy Outfit Ideas With Jeans: Best Looks To Copy

It’s time to speak about ways how to dress up your favorite jeans! In this article I want to show you incredible street style images of women who appear in stylish jeans that look pretty awesome styled with different tops, shirts, jackets and blazers. Every single outfit is easy to copy, that’s why there will be no problem for you to recreate these marvelous combinations.

Belted cape-coat in dark-blue and pastel blue colors looks impressive worn atop light blue shirt tucked in washed white-blue regular jeans.

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Office Trends: How To Wear Jeans To Work And Look Professional

Today’s question is how to wear jeans at work. Pretty simple, right? In today’s article we are going to see all kinds of jeans styles that are office hours friendly. You can find lots of great ideas on how to make jeans to become your favorite bottoms during office hours. This 2017 comes with lots of cool combos.

We see a black blazer teamed with striped shirt tucked in dark blue bootcut jeans.

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What To Wear With Ripped And Distressed Denim

Today, you are about to find out what to wear with distressed denim this 2017! I remember when I was in college and ripped jeans was a big trend, but when I grew up, this denim disappeared in fashion. Now, I am happy to see it back in vogue.

A cropped black blazer ideally suits this peplum black leather blouse teamed with ripped slim jeans and studded pumps.

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What Tops And Shoes To Wear With Knee Ripped Jeans

This time I want to draw your attention to my favorite outfit ideas completed with knee ripped jeans. You are going to see best tops and shoes that can be added to your marvelous knee-ripped jeans. You can find so many street style images of women who appear in knee-ripped jeans worn with structured blazers, camo jackets, sweaters, printed shirts, as well as with crispy white button-downs.

This is an ideal smart-casual outfit that can be used for wearing on the streets and parties. We see knee-ripped cuffed blue jeans with white top, cream-grey blazer and platform sandals.

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What Looks To Create With Black Jeans

Every woman owns at least one pair of jeans in her closet. In today’s article I want to talk about black jeans and how to wear them this 2017. Why black ones? They create a unique look that can be formal, dressy, casual or somewhere in between. The key to success with black jeans is to pair them with the right tops, jackets and accessories. In this street style collection you can find incredible outfit ideas completed with black jeans. You can find here professional combos, business casual, smart-casual, relaxed combos and everyday looks. Scroll down to see my favorite looks to copy this year.

Band jacket ideally suits these black skinny jeans. Complete this combo by adding pointed-toe black pumps.

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