Women’s White Suit Styles

It’s time to boost your style in 2017, as we are here to see white pantsuits for women. This gorgeous outfit is appropriate for all kinds of outdoor venues, starting from branches to special parties. This is a perfect summer wear choice for dazzling near or at the beach. I love to see women wearing white suits in a slim fit, tailored to the shoulders and tapered at the waist. Below are shown ways how to accessorize your white suit and what tops can be a perfect addition for underlining your individuality.

 Women's White Suit Styles 2019

White car-coat draped over white blazer worn with white shirt tucked in white skinnies. Complete this look by adding miniature white leather handbag.

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Trendy Ways To Wear Brogues And Oxfords

Welcome back to statement brogues and Oxford shoes this 2017. I simply adore this two menswear inspired footwear styles, all because of their Tomboy appeal, as well as for comfort and versatility. They can work for everyone, all depends on how they are styled. Sure, they look mannish, but I know many awesome and fancy ways how to pair them with ladylike pieces.

 Trendy Ways To Wear Brogues And Oxfords 2019

Black Wayfarer sunglasses for oval faces + draped cream-beige blazer + white shirt + black slim fit trousers + glossy black brogues with Houndstooth print detailing.

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