Real Women Travel Outfits: Inspirational Getaway Ideas

This is what you should be wearing when you go traveling this 2017 year round! Whether you are headed to your parents home for visiting your family, going on a plane, warm country getaway, you should be prepared to wear comfortable and stylish clothes that can compliment your style and keep things versatile. Trust me, a well-dressed traveling outfit is something coordinated, comfortable and easy to wear, no matter if it’s cold or warm outside. In other words, every single look showcased in this collection balances off-duty and dressy touches. You best friends gonna be lightweight layers, comfortable and chic footwear. Get inspired by these influencing outfit ideas below!

 Real Women Travel Outfits: Inspirational Getaway Ideas 2019

Classic shades for oval faces + maroon cardigan + slouchy gray T-shirt + black cropped leggings + white trainers.

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What Shoes And Tops To Wear With Culottes

If you want to make a glamour statement on the streets, then I do recommend you to take a close-up look through these street style images where ladies appear in culottes for 2017. It seems like everyone is obsessed with culottes. I personally love that special skirt-trousers hybrid look that can replace breezy Summer dresses and skirts. Why so many women are obsessed with these bottoms? They do not allow accidentally flash more skin than we want to. Designer brands offer different lengths and widths of culotte, so they can suit every body type. You are free to choose your favorite style, no matter if it’s architectural, edgy, soft or romantic.

 What Shoes And Tops To Wear With Culottes 2019

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How To Casually Wear Jeans With Cute Tops

I want to draw your attention to my favorite casual jeans and women’s tops combinations 2017 that are ideal for underlining your personality and make you stand out from the crowd. What I love about casual denim, then its versatility. You can create many fabulous combos, all you need is to find a perfect balance. You can take a look through these images and find something interesting for copying next week!

 How To Casually Wear Jeans With Cute Tops 2019

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25 Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt

Some ladies are afraid of denim shirts, as they simply don’t know how to style it, but trust me, this top is very easy to style in 2017. Why? It goes with everything. I decided to share with you 25 ways how to wear denim shirts in real life. There is nothing more classic and comfy than a chambray shirt. In this collection I am going to show you awesome street style images where ladies pair this top with all kinds of jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. I honestly think you should try this top! Anyway, get inspired and let me know what you think!

 25 Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt 2019

You can keep things simple by teaming washed blue denim shirt with casual grey tank top and cool bandana head-scarf.

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