Trendy Ways To Wear Brogues And Oxfords

Welcome back to statement brogues and Oxford shoes this 2017. I simply adore this two menswear inspired footwear styles, all because of their Tomboy appeal, as well as for comfort and versatility. They can work for everyone, all depends on how they are styled. Sure, they look mannish, but I know many awesome and fancy ways how to pair them with ladylike pieces.

Black Wayfarer sunglasses for oval faces + draped cream-beige blazer + white shirt + black slim fit trousers + glossy black brogues with Houndstooth print detailing.

There will be no problem for you to find the look that suits your style. If you are new to these shoes, or you simply want to look for new ways how to wear Oxfords and brogues, then I am happy to show you my favorite ways to style them in real life. Street style stars are in love with this footwear and here is how to wear them!

Long black blazer with gold buttons + black top + black skinny jeans + white Oxfords with black laces:

Wayfarer sunglasses for rounded faces + cream-gray pullover + mini black skirt + black brogues with golden detailing + black leather tote bag:

Retro inspired sunglasses for oval faces + black chunky knitted scarf + navy tailored blazer + skinny pants + glossy black brogues:

Gray pullover + white shirt + black skinny jeans + slouchy black leather handbag + black leather lace-up Oxfords:

Pale yellow shirt + mini denim shorts + black belt + brown leather shoulder bag + beige brogues:

Gray pullover + mini black skirt + mirrored Wayfarers + slouchy black leather skirt + glossy black leather brogues with gold metallic detail:

Red sleeveless long coat + white tank top + charcoal skinnies + chunky-heeled black leather glossy brogues:

Maroon buttoned cardigan + horses print retro dress + black tights + lace-up brown leather brogues:

White striped dark blue sweater + chambray shirt + dark brown skinnies + light brown Oxfords:

Aviator shades for heart shape faces + abstract print sweatshirt + ripped washed blue denim shorts + metallic quilted mini clutch + silvery metallic pointed-toe Oxfords:

Navy sweater + pleated black mini skirt + dark brown leather brogues:

Yellow buttoned cardigan + micro-plaid shirt + dark blue cuffed skinny jeans + floral printed white brogues:

Black blazer + white button-down shirt + pleated slim trousers + glossy black leather Oxfords:

Trilby hat + charcoal sweater + white shirt + black slim slacks + white-black Oxfords:

Black blazer + heavy knit khaki scarf + khaki-brown sweater + coated black skinnies + light brown Oxfords:

Tartan print scarf + denim long-sleeve shirt-dress + printed socks + black leather Oxfords:

Gray cardigan + pastel yellow button-down shirt + black skinny pants + black socks + red Oxfords:

Black fedora hat + LBD with long sleeves + slouchy satchel black leather bag + black-white Oxfords:

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