What Prints Are In Trend

It’s time to make fashion look creative, bright and sophisticated. If you want to grab everyone’s attention, then you better try bold prints this 2017. The energy of the art world can easily make you look different and you can finally celebrate your individuality. Below are gathered best ways how to wear print in real world.

Oversized sunglasses + hoop earrings + geometric squares print slim dress with long sleeves + evening clutch + heeled pumps.

The bright visuals can always make you look awesome! Prints is a pretty addition that can add pizzazz to your style. You gonna see stripes, sweet florals, contrasting geometries, my favorite checkered prints, etc. Anyway, let’s take a close-up look below and find our favorites.

White long-sleeve T-shirt in black stripes + white polka dot dark blue high-waisted skirt + vintage brown leather satchel bag + wedge pumps:

Rounded sunglasses + white slim sweater in dark blue polka dots + black skirt in white polka dots + skinny yellow belt:

Polka dot white blouse + abstract striped knee-length skirt + orange pointed-toe pumps:

Black leather biker jacket + floral print blouse + white dotted black pencil skirt + cream-beige structured handbag + ankle-cuff black sandals:

Vintage black sunglasses + cream-yellow collarless coat + Christmas print sweater + chambray shirt + dark blue skirt + vintage style pumps:

Oversized sunnies + bicycle print white T-shirt + mustard mid-rise skinnies + red skinny belt:

Chunky metallic silvery necklace + matching pineapple print top and skirt:

Matching pineapple print sets including crop top and high-rise shorts:

Dotted gray casual vest + striped button-down shirt + white beanie + aviator shades + blue skinnies + black ankle-boots:

Sleeveless black blazer + rounded retro style sunglasses + chambray shirt + white polka dot black skirt + matching print heeled pumps + polka dotted handbag:

Modern style sunnies + Paisley blue print blazer in white color + chambray shirt + statement necklace + slim jeans + cream-blush handbag + cream-white pumps:

Retro style printed carryall + cream-red sleeveless dress + shiny silver necklace + thong sandals:

Multicolored Aztec print bikini set:

Black sunglasses + printed matching set that features loose-fit printed shirt and shorts + red ankle-cuff heeled sandals:

Oversized black shads + V-neck black T-shirt + printed sweatpants + shoulder bag + beige-gray sandals:

Modern rounded sunglasses + white peasant tunic in blue print + ripped washed blue denim shorts:

Yacht print dark blue umbrella + blue tailored blazer + gray pullover + pearl necklace + white dotted slim blue pants + bow-tie embellished light pink pumps:

Triangle print V-neck tunic dress:

Aviator shades + multi printed scarf + bicycle print light gray T-shirt + gray skirt:

Red flower print retro inspired dress + red skinny belt:

Pajama inspired red printed set:

Red-white striped sweater + white polka dot blue chiffon dress + heeled peep-toe sandals:

Neck-tie blouse in white + high-waisted black shorts in white polka dots:

Checkered heavy scarf + cream-white sweater + black-white gingham print shirt + dark blue skinnies + slouchy black tote + black leather flat pumps:

Anchor printed dark blue blouse + cat-eye sunglasses + red-white striped pleated skirt + nude high-heeled pumps:

Tribal print gray cardigan + washed blue jeans:

Windowpane print sweater + Windowpane print high-waisted flared skirt:

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