What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

It’s time to draw your attention to my favorite bell-bottom jeans and show you what kind of shoes to wear with flares. The 1970’s revival is massive right now and you better look for trending outfit ideas that can be copied this 2017. You are lucky one, as I gathered the most popular combinations you can try on this season. Speaking of shoes, these denim bottoms don’t make for the easiest shoe pairings. I will show you best shoe types you can wear with flares. Hope these ideas will help you look ladylike and special. Scroll down to find out more.

I know many women who choose bell-bottoms instead of skinnies, that’s why we should figure out what shoes to wear with flared jeans. The bell bottoms of today’s fashion are ubiquitously skinny on top and flare out at the knee, that’s why I love to see them styled with heels. The thing about flared jeans is that not every pair of denim bottoms will go with every shoe style. I recommend to wear these beautiful jeans with heels flats. You are free to try them with ankle-boots, platforms, wedges, chunky heels, stylish flatforms, clogs, flat sandals and cool sneakers. Of course, most of these footwear designs will be hidden under flares, but the shortened hemmed flares can change the rules of game.