Wide Brim Hats For Women: How To Wear

Today’s blog post is all about wide-brim hats for women. You are going to see various ways how to wear this accessory in 2017. I gathered simple tips for wearing different styles of wide-brim hats. I think everyone has noticed the sixties and seventies influences on the runways, as well as on the streets.

This year it’s all about brimmed hats and I do love this statement item for its creative vibe and versatility. This hat ranges in variety of fabrics, colors and styles. You can find creative wide-brim styles ideal for fancy open-air parties and special occasions, retro style straw hats, bowler hats, fedoras, boho styles, floppies, etc. In other words saying, this hat can be not only worn in the summer season, but it can also be a great choice during fall and winter season months. All in all, it’s time to add some extra intrigue to your outfit by donning one of these beautiful hats.

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