Winter Vests: Street Looks

Get ready for another street style collection! In this post you gonna see brilliant ways how to wear a sleeveless coat and vest in Winter, without freezing out! Sleeveless jacket is one of the most popular pieces in the world of fashion. It takes different shapes, fabrics, colors and lengths. It’s chic, versatile and ideally suit women who want to show-off their individuality. Today’s collection includes awesome ways how to wear vests in 2017.

Statement cream white vest + printed blouse + brimmed hat + dark blue skinnies + black pumps.

Why do I like it so much? Vests can be worn during winter, as well as in spring and fall season. I gonna show you biker inspired sleeveless jackets, puffer styles, sleeveless coats, as well as many other incredibly functional and easy to wear must-tries. I highly recommend to try on one of these eye-catching combinations. Whatever combo you choose, you will automatically elevate your look! Get inspired to see best ways to master this trend.

Cream gray sweatshirt-vest + white pullover + black leather skinnies + glossy black lace-up brogues:

Biker inspired black velvet vest + black turban + black striped white pullover + black mini skirt + black tights + lace-up peep-toe heeled sandals:

Blue puffer vest + plaid shirt + skinny jeans + light brown gum-boots:

White beanie + dark gray puffer vest + black long-sleeve top + gray leggings + athletic runners:

Gray sleeveless coat + gray sweater + knee-ripped skinnies in gray color + black sunglasses + gray pumps:

Tortoise sunglasses + Herringbone puffer vest + black-white striped long-sleeve top + cuffed dark blue skinnies + bow-tie cream-beige flat pumps:

Tailored dark blue sleeveless blazer + pinstripe shirt + ripped regular fit jeans + cream-gray sneakers:

Blue sleeveless coat + white T-shirt + plaid print ankle-length skirt + maroon leather satchel bag + dark blue heeled pumps:

Black rounded sunglasses + khaki green military vest + black pullover + fuchsia necklace + leopard print folded clutch + black leggings:

Dark blue puffer vest + plaid print shirt + cuffed dark blue skinnies + aviator shades + suede ankle boots:

Shearling vest + white-black striped dress + suede ankle-boots:

White quilted puffer vest + plaid print shirt + cuffed skinny blue jeans + beige ankle-boots:

Shearling black vest + black long-sleeve + maroon skinnies + lace-up black leather boots:

Oversized geometric shaped sunglasses + quilted brown vest + printed sweater + gold arm-party + ripped blue jeans:

Gray beanie + mirrored sunglasses + high-neck black long-sleeve top + hooded quilted puffer vest + skinny blue jeans + black leather Chelsea boots:

Aviator sunglasses + cream-beige wool long vest + slouchy neck gray top + coated black skinnies + black leather ankle-boots:

Camel tailored sleeveeless coat + slouchy white sweater-dress + brown leather ankle-boots:

Tailored gray sleeveless coat + chambray shirt + washed skinnies + marble print rounded sunglasses + red handbag + brown lather pointed-toe pumps:

Ribbed knit white sweater-scarf + fur vest + white-blue gingham print shirt + washed slim jeans + beige ankle-boots:

White lightweight sleeveless coat + black turtleneck + coated black skinnies + animal print heeled pumps + brown leather tote bag:

Bright yellow long tailored sleeveless coat + blush dress + lace-up peep-toe booties in black color:

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